Josh Sullivan Photography

Terms & Conditions


Appointments need to be canceled up to 48 hours before our booking for a deposit refund. If your schedule has changed, you may reschedule for another time or cancel.  After this time has passed, the deposit is non-refundable.

Final Payment

The final payment is made after our photoshoot has concluded. Same day is preferred or in the following days, but this should be processed before I begin editing your images. If for some reason you need more time, please let me know.

Number of Photos

Studio photography is generally decided beforehand, however for outdoor photoshoots, the number of photos delivered is an estimate. Each session is unique and the number of photos delivered is dependent on a variety of factors. Please allow my estimate to fall within a 20% range.

Backup Photos

I will email you a link to your final images which I will store for 21 days. Please backup your photos once you’ve received my download link. After three weeks have passed, I am no longer responsible for your images.

Photo Usage

I may on occasion use my photography work to display in my portfolio or on social media, if you do not wish for me to use images from our session, please let me know. I will respect your right to privacy, but also keep in mind it helps promote my work, so it’s always appreciated.