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Josh Sullivan Photography

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Based in Bangkok, Thailand

Welcome to my portrait portfolio. A gallery of temples, parks, and other highlights around Bangkok.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Some common inquires focused on my outdoor portrait photoshoots, hopefully they answer some of the questions you may have.

    Can you help suggest a photoshoot location?

    Sure! I’ve lived in Bangkok for over 20 years and have organized photo walks all over the city. There are many special places to enjoy for a variety of types of portrait shoots. Please contact me with any questions you may have.

    How much is a typical portrait photoshoot?

    Portrait sessions can vary between number of people and time required, I’d suggest using the get a quote form above to get a more specific estimate.

    When is a good time for a photoshoot?

    My favorite times to shoot are in the mornings and later afternoons, but I can usually make any situation work. Let’s make a plan!

    Can you help with posing ideas?

    Sure! I try my best to make everyone feel comfortable with posing during a photoshoot, so I’m happy to help.

    What kind of clothes should we wear?

    For clothing I recommend anything that keeps cool and doesn’t sweat easily. For the style, neutral clothes without branding is good. Some clients like to wear matching outfits, they don’t have to match ‘too’ much, but not clashing is best.

    Are props a good idea for the shoot?

    Props can be used effectively with smaller numbers. If we’ve chosen a single location for the shoots, props are easier to deal with otherwise they can be cumbersome. A traditional Thai umbrella always looks nice and protects from the sun!

    Customer Reviews

    Reviews for those interested in hiring me as a portrait photographer. I hope their experiences will help illustrate what you can expect from our photography sessions.

    Artem Sagan

    I had a plan in mind with my headshot, but also needing advice – Josh responded immediately, and, after a friendly talk where he described the portrait process – what to wear, colors, what time of day is ideal, the type reaction I wanted people to have to my photo, etc. – Well, that extra attention to detail paid off and I couldn’t have been happier with the results!

    Artem Sagan
    Business Professional
    Anthony Diamond

    In the past, I’ve always felt uncomfortable at photo shoots as I need help with posing and smiling naturally, so I relied heavily on Josh who gently coached me and helped me feel comfortable. I’ve now received many positive reactions to my new portraits from family, friends and work colleagues, and these are easily the best photos I have ever taken!

    Anthony Diamond
    Business Consultant
    Dan La Bellarte

    Our process was smooth – I explained my goals for our photoshoot and Josh gave me advice based on those requirements during our session. Helping me with poses that would convey a more approachable and friendly presence. The thing I appreciated the most was the communication and getting those directions on how to act in front of the camera. Great experience.

    Dan La Bellarte
    Freelance Copywriter