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Josh Sullivan Photography

Maternity Photographer

Based in Bangkok, Thailand

Welcome to my portfolio for maternity photography. Have a look below to get started with our photoshoot.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Some common inquires focused on my outdoor maternity photoshoots, hopefully they answer some of the questions you may have.

    How much is a typical maternity photo shoot?

    My typical session price starts at 8,000 baht for a one hour session. If you have more requirements, you can use the “Get a Quote” form above to determine which session best suits you.

    What types of locations do you recommend?

    Picking the right location for a maternity shoot in Bangkok is important. I like to find a place that is beautiful but also offers a cool space and area to relax. Parks can be great, but too much walking in the heat is not advised.

    What time of day do you recommend?

    For this type of shoot I recommend the afternoon to later afternoon to catch the best light and make for the most comfortable session.

    Should we bring props for the photo shoot?

    Props can be fun for maternity photo shoots and would be happy to plan that out, however sharing the moment with you and the baby can often times be all we need!

    Can you help us with posing during a session?

    Sure! I often pose for couples who might not be familiar with being in front of a camera. They often appreciate the tips that I’m able to give them while we are conducting the photo shoot.

    Customer Reviews

    Testimonials from our maternity photoshoots. I hope their experiences will help illustrate what to expect from our photography sessions.