Josh Sullivan Photography

Jewelry Photographer

Based in Bangkok, Thailand

Professional jewelry photographer for hire ranging from commercial work to independent designers. Please contact me with questions.

Focused on Beauty

Sharp, compelling, even fabulous. Jewelry photography tempts and inspires, stopping us in our tracks to admire how precious and unique it is. I frame and focus each shot manually, so I can capture the precise features that make your work look stunning and sophisticated.

Elegant Creativity

Light and creative flair will set your jewelry apart and dazzle viewers eyes. Each of my photos reflects the originality and exquisiteness of the pieces I’m photographing. I consider each piece to be a work of art, and I always look for fresh ways to show off its natural splendor.

Attention to Detail

Every edge and glimmer of light matters and can be deciding factors in your next sale. Display what makes your brand of jewelry stand out from the others. From set up to post-processing, I take pride in letting every angle shine, delivering the impressive photos your jewelry deserves.