Josh Sullivan Photography

Hotel & Resort Photographer

Based in Bangkok, Thailand

Commercial hotel photographer capturing stunning images for luxury resorts, hotels and destination real estate.

Visual Experience

We live in a visual based culture today, especially online, basing many of our purchases on what we see, therefore it’s essential to best represent your property. Customers want to be able to envision their time at your hotel – all the color, comfort, and elegance which makes your resort unique.

Capturing Details

Show off all the perks, amenities, and care you put into the luxury resort experience. Every detail reflects the quality of your hotel like crisp colors, spotless rooms, and hand-selected furniture and decoration. The right photos can entice people to upgrade and build confidence in the quality of your hotel.

Creating a Mood

Every hotel has a unique atmosphere whether it’s elegant or cozy, relaxed or high-class. Professional hotel photography can capture the comfort of your guests. Whether your project is large or small, show them what staying at your hotel looks while like creating a attractive theme for your clients.


What People Are Saying

A summary of reviews from my customers interested in hiring a professional hotel photographer. I hope this can help illustrate what you can expect from our sessions.

Josh Sullivan
Professional Photographer
Bangkok, Thailand

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