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Josh Sullivan Photography

Headshot Photographer

Based in Bangkok, Thailand

Headshot photography for professionals, corporate business or anyone needing a portrait. For hire on location or home studio.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some common inquiries I receive, hopefully they answer some of the questions you may have.

    What are your standard headshot rates?

    My headshots sessions start at 5,000 baht for three retouched photos with each additional selection being 500B. My studio portrait sessions start at 7,000 baht.

    What type of background would you suggest?

    I have a lot of different background colors, but most of my clients tend to prefer something in the greyscale range.  If you have a specific request in mind please let me know.

    Is it possible to have more than one backdrop?

    Extra backgrounds can increase the shooting time of the photoshoot. For this reason there is an extra cost added into the session, please contact me for details.

    How long does a typical headshot session last?

    My sessions on average are around 45 minutes for a single backdrop and 2-3 clothing changes.

    How many clothing changes can I bring?

    My standard package accounts for 2-3 clothing changes. If more changes are needed, please let me know and we can work something out.

    What style of clothes should I bring with me?

    I generally recommend plain clothes and muted colors for my headshot photo shoots. Avoid strong patterns or textures, however there’s always exceptions to the rule!

    Difference between headshots & portraits?

    Headshots are typically above the chest while portraits can be full body, 3/4 body, and half body in an assortment of various poses and aspect ratios. Portrait sessions tend to be more involved and can serve multiple purposes. Headshot sessions generally have a single focusor goal in mind.

    Customer Reviews

    Reviews for those interested in hiring me as a headshot photographer. I hope their experiences will help illustrate what you can expect from our photography sessions.

    Rafe Soule

    A real pleasure to work with. From the beginning to the end of the session we were collaborating and discussing the shot, and how to get the most out of the shoot. I’ve received very positive feedback from industry colleagues, and will definitely be returning for more! From what I can see, he is the best headshot photographer in Bangkok. Thanks Josh!

    Rafe Soule
    Actor & Musician
    Valentina Andreeva

    We were looking to do head shots in Bangkok, the whole process went very smoothly. Josh is a professional, highly skilled and reliable portrait photographer. He made us feel at ease during the photo shoot. The final results were great, exactly what we were looking for. Highly recommended!

    Valentina Andreeva
    Corporate Headshots
    Tom Deshayes

    I’ve done a couple portrait photoshoots with Josh now and always been extremely satisfied by his professionalism and friendliness! I’m generally not so comfortable in front of the camera but felt at ease with his directions and advice. Great experience and I highly recommend his services to anyone who is looking for a professional photographer in Bangkok.

    Tom Deshayes
    Accounting Director
    Anton Bondarew

    I recently hired Josh for a portrait shooting for my new website. Our challenge was to match the same look from my colleague’s headshots. After I sent Josh a sample, he was able to match the new lighting perfectly. Thanks again – I fully recommend Josh as a professional business portrait photographer and will be returning when I need another shot!

    Anton Bondarew
    Managing Director