Josh Sullivan Photography

Food Photographer

Based in Bangkok, Thailand

Professional photographer for hire ranging from commercial restaurant cuisine to creative beverages and cocktails.

Telling a Story

The fresh ingredients, the sharp and careful prep, the intuition that comes with creating beautifully styled dishes. I’ll work with you to capture the artistry and balance that go into every image. Show off what makes your cuisine so visually delicious and rich. 

Capture the Taste

Give viewers a visual bite of creativity and mouth-watering colors. With professional food photography, you can add a pinch of flavor to each dish. Delight their eyes with enticing photos which highlight the depth and quality of your dishes.

A Visual Delight

Good food photography creates interest and enthusiasm drawing viewers into the colors and textures which make your dish creative and unique. Show off the subtle details, care, and artistry that will have your images jumping out at your viewers.